Help Avert Brewing Catastrophes!!!

So I’ll start this post of with a personal tragedy that I experienced this weekend. I was brewing an American Pale Wheat and all was well with the world. Every step of the brewing process went perfectly, the beer smelled and tasted great, and my cold break went extremely well. I pitched my yeast and confidently carried my 6.5 gallon carboy to  my fermentation pit of happiness… Then it happened. My left hand slipped out from under the my slightly wet carboy and CRASH! My my carboy smashed into a thousand pieces before my eyes, and my five hours of liquid awesome spilled everywhere. On top of that I could have potentially cut off one of my toes had I not been wearing shoes. I WILL NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME AGAIN! I started looking into solutions for carrying carboys (even though I already have a holder that fits around the neck). I would say that short of a dolly, the Brew Hauler is a great solution.

I re-brewed the batch that I lost to gravity, and used my Brew Hauler to move the finished wort to where it will ferment with no problem. If you have a fellow brewer you can each hold one handle and it is amazingly easy to move around.

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