First Annual BIMP Tour Revisited!

This tour was AMAZING! We packed up several empty coolers, mp3 players, and a small amount of luggage on a beer tour I’ll never forget. 8 people in a 12 passenger van forded through viscous wind, rain, and snow to visit some of the best breweries in the midwest. We hit Lafayette Brewing, Peoples Brewing, Crown Brewing, and Three Floyd’s on Day 1. Founders Brewing, Brewery Vivant, and Bell’s Brewing (where we enjoyed the wonderful musings of Keller Williams) on Day 2. Day 3 started a lot slower :), but we did manage to make an extended stop at Dark Horse Brewing before making the voyage back home. I personally sampled over 35 unique beers not distributed outside of the breweries, and also managed to bring home several rare bombers and a growler. What’s next for BIMP Beer Tours you ask? We are thinking about another trip North to Traverse City via train and working our way back to Indy. We definitely have more breweries to explore in the Grand Rapids, MI area. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again to Keith, Michael, Lance, Ryan, Joe, Mikey, and Jenn for making this trip so enjoyable. Hope you had as good of a time as I did. Cheers!

Three Floyd’s to Release Oyster Stout!

Three Floyd’s just tweeted that they will be releasing a new Oyster Stout with guest brewers from Half Acre Beer Company. A shame too, as it would have been a great addition to our Stout Bout! Mutiny and the Mollusk is available on tap at Three Floyd’s and will be available in bombers for $9 a pop. Although it sounds completely off the wall, oysters and Stout beer go together like peas and carrots 🙂 They have commonly been served together in New Zealand and the U.K. since the late 1920’s, however true “nourishing” stouts brewed with oysters originated just after WWII.


Mutiny and the Mollusk our collaborative Oyster Stout brewed with@HalfAcreBeer is now available in the pub. $9/bomber On tap soon.

Dark Lord Day Cometh…

For those of you who are not already geeking over Three Floyd’s epic annual “Fantasy Beer Drinking Event”,  you should be. Every year Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout gets released to a anxious mob of vikings, dragon slayers, demon warriors, homebrewers, and fat guys that live in their mom’s basement. Dark Lord Imperial Stout is EXTREMELY hard to get any other time of the year. If you are lucky enough to get a bottle it is worth it’s weight in gold. That said there is a very limited amount of this beer made specifically for this day. Tickets for this event go on sale March 17th @ 12pm. Here’s a link to their ticket sales page. These tickets go quick. They will easily sell out in the first 15 minutes. If you happen to snag a golden ticket, make sure to bring some homebrew as the line to get inside is usually huge (half the fun is swapping homebrew with other people in line). Best of luck to you!