UpCup 2013 Revisited

UpCup 2013 was a blast this year. Beer Is My Passion had four entries including an American Barleywine (Kyle Alder), an English IPA Spruce Beer (Michael Mustin), a Wood Aged Old Ale (Erik Howell), and a Southern English Brown (Jenn Myers). Upland really knows how to host an awesome homebrewing event. This is by far my favorite competition of the year. We all enjoyed Upland beer on tap, good conversation with  brewers from around the state, and awesome food catered by Upland. This year’s UpCup winner was homebrewer and beer judge Thomas Wallbank of the Indianapolis Foam Blowers with a Berliner Weisse. He’ll have his name added on the UpCup trophy with the other winners, and he’ll get to keep it until next year’s competition. Second place went to Ron Smith’s Saison, also a Foam Blower and beer judge. I’m very happy to announce that our own Jenn Myers ended up taking third place with her 221b Baker St. Southern English Brown this year 🙂 If you happen to bump into her make sure to congratulate her. We’re all super proud of her!

IMG_0620Here’s Jenn just after they announced she had taken third place.


Jenn received a free case of any Upland beer of her choice out of Upland’s massive beer cave. Rad Red? Don’t mind if I do 🙂

We all had an awesome time, and as you can see from some of the pictures there may have even been some kung fu fighting in the parking lot 🙂 BIMP later took the party to The Tap for some celebratory brews.

Upland Announces the 2013 UpCup Homebrew Competition

It looks like Upland Brewing has slated June 8th, 2013 as the date for this year’s celebrated homebrew competition. Entries are judged in accordance with BJCP Style Guidelines by certified beer judges. Upland has been very inviting to homebrewers that aspire to be something more. Each year the winner of this competition wins a trophy, and gets to brew a batch of their winning beer with Caleb Staton using Upland Brewing’s equipment. The beer is then served at their location in Bloomington, and also their location at the Tasting Room in Indianapolis. The UpCup was my first homebrew competition, and remains as my favorite to date. Don’t miss out on this awesome event. Upland’s website does not currently have any specific details on the event yet, but they will come soon. My advice is to start brewing your batches now. You only get one entry, so make it your best!

Good luck to all participants!

Upland UpCup 2012 Results

UpCup was AWESOME! I’m definitely entering again next year. There were 80+ entries in total, 12 of which were selected for best in show. The event was catered with food from the restaurant, there were multiple brewery tours with Caleb, and of course a great selection of Upland brews. Congrats to Andrew from the Foam Blowers of Indiana for a well deserved win.

Upland Brewing’s UpCup Homebrew Competion

Entries for Upland Brewing’s UpCup Homebrew Competition are due May 12th. Your brews will be judged in accordance with BJCP Style Guidelines by certified beer judges. The winner receives a trophy and also gets to brew their winning recipe with Upland’s head brewer Caleb Staton. This batch will then be served in Bloomington brew pub and Indy’s Upland Tasting Room locations. The winner’s entry will also be entered into the Great American Beer Fest Pro-Am Competition and US Beer Tasting Championship for additional Only one entry will be accepted per brewer.

To enter you’ll need to:

1) BJCP entry form, found at http://www.bjcp.org/docs/SCP_EntryRecipe.pdf. Ingredients and procedure section is not necessary.

2) Each bottle must have a filled out Bottle ID form attached, preferably by rubber band
– Bottle ID form can be found here: http://www.bjcp.org/docs/SCP_BottleID.pdf

3) Make out a $5 check to Upland Brewing Co. for the entry fee. Entry fees will be redistributed to all attending BJCP certified judges who will be evaluating for the day.

4) Send two bottles of your homebrew (including forms and check) to:

Upland Brewing Co.; Attn: Caleb Staton; 350 W. 11th St.; Bloomington, IN 47404.

Good luck to all participants!