First Annual BIMP Tour Revisited!

This tour was AMAZING! We packed up several empty coolers, mp3 players, and a small amount of luggage on a beer tour I’ll never forget. 8 people in a 12 passenger van forded through viscous wind, rain, and snow to visit some of the best breweries in the midwest. We hit Lafayette Brewing, Peoples Brewing, Crown Brewing, and Three Floyd’s on Day 1. Founders Brewing, Brewery Vivant, and Bell’s Brewing (where we enjoyed the wonderful musings of Keller Williams) on Day 2. Day 3 started a lot slower :), but we did manage to make an extended stop at Dark Horse Brewing before making the voyage back home. I personally sampled over 35 unique beers not distributed outside of the breweries, and also managed to bring home several rare bombers and a growler. What’s next for BIMP Beer Tours you ask? We are thinking about another trip North to Traverse City via train and working our way back to Indy. We definitely have more breweries to explore in the Grand Rapids, MI area. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again to Keith, Michael, Lance, Ryan, Joe, Mikey, and Jenn for making this trip so enjoyable. Hope you had as good of a time as I did. Cheers!

I’m Moving!

I’ll be out of commission for a day or so as I get all my stuff moved to my new place. In the meantime, bask in the gloriousness of this awesome painting Zac found the other day. Also, if you are a last minute submission for the Battle of the Belgians homebrew competition please get in contact with me so I can give you the low down. Come back soon 🙂

Headed to St. Louis

Headed to St. Louis for the weekend to catch a Cubs game. I’ll be updating the page when I get back. Have a great weekend!