The Bountiful Breweries of The United States of America

The Bountiful Breweries of the United States of AmericaHere is the a brand spankin’ new Pop Chart Lab beer creation! The Bountiful Breweries of The United States of America is surprisingly current (at least as far as Indianapolis is concerned), and features over 2,500 breweries. This would be an awesome tool for planning your next beer tour! At 60″ X 40″, this behemoth is sure to make your friends jealous. Click here to preorder. We last wrote about Pop Chart Lab’s “The Magnificent Multitude of Beer”, which like the rest of their work is incredibly detailed. Check out our previous post on Pop Chart Lab here.

The Magnificent Multitude of Beer


Pop Chart Lab has created the mother of all beer taxonomy posters! The aptly titled “The Magnificent Multitude of Beer” is incredibly detailed. Each beer style is linked divided into Ale and Lager, then to individual style, an example, and finally the glass it should be served in. Well done! It looks like they took their original “Very Many Varieties of Beer” and continued to add to it. This 60″ x 40″ poster will surely be the envy of your beer enthusiast friends. Check out our previous post on Pop Chart Lab here.

Awesome Custom Ceramic Growlers! has got some pretty amazing beer vessels available on their website! They not only do custom logo growlers for breweries, but they also have a tier known best as “Uber Growlers” that are sure to incite growler envy among your draft carrying compadres. The company is called Carlburg Pottery, and they pride themselves on using American sourced materials to make truly one of a kind growlers for beer enthusiasts of all types.

I’m super impressed with this work!

Wonderful Beer Paintings for Beer Lovers

So I came across a really great blog tonight as I searching for brewing art. Beer Paintings – Original Art for Beer Lovers By Beer Lovers is a blog showcasing some fantastic oil paintings that integrate bottle caps, hops, and other beer odds and ends. I’m really impressed with these paintings! They even have an Etsy page where you can order custom oil paintings of your favorite brewery bottle caps! Please take some time to drop by their site ( as they do an excellent job. Much respect!

Bottle Cap Blues

[vimeo 42674279 w=500 h=281]
Bottle Cap Blues is a short film created by Adam Young for a solo Art Show at Common House Gallery. More of his art can be found at It’s an awesome video showing the various ways you can MacGyver open a bottle of beer. I’ve tried a few of these, but I’m thinking that opening a bottle of beer off of a pizza crust is pretty impressive! Makes Bitter Better!

This is AWESOME! If you are a homebrewer creating your own recipes, or just someone looking for something unique to hang on your wall, created an aesthetic poster sized hops chart. You can compare individual hops based off of flavors like citrus, spice, floral, herbal, etc. This would be a great tool for someone fine tuning their brew. Thanks to contributor zacjackson for the link.