Great Fermentations 20th Anniversary Party!

GF20 Poster

Great Fermentations has been a long time friend of homebrewers in Indianapolis. How long you ask? 20¬†frickin’ years ūüôā Come celebrate their 20th Anniversary bash this Saturday at GF’s Indianapolis location on 65th St. There will be plenty of beer to go around including contributions from Sun King, Dardevil, Broad Ripple Brewpub, Chilly Water, Flix Brewhouse, Grand Junction, and cider from McClure’s Orchard. Expect great food from Moveable Feast, and an acoustic show by The Indiana Boys. As a special thank you, GF will also ¬†partner with Pack Away Hunger Saturday morning to pack 20,000 lunches for the hungry throughout Central Indiana (click here if you’d like to volunteer) The event is free, and starts at 3pm (volunteering will get you early entry). See you there!

Daredevil’s 1 Year Anniversary Revisited

Daredevil’s 1 Year Anniversary Events were a blast. 6 locations, 6 “Raredevil” releases, and a very special food pairing at Black Market. If you weren’t able to make any of these events, Daredevil released a Raspberry, Blackberry, and Cherry Muse, Slip Stream Pale Ale, Mr. 300 Man American Barleywine, and Char Imperial Smoked Dark Mild. Some of my favorites were Slip Stream Pale Ale, Char Imperial Smoked Dark Mild, and the Cherry Muse. Of the 6 events, my favorite was the food pairing at Black Market. It was a very intimate setting, with only 55 seats available for the event. The meal included four courses:

  • Course 1: Indiana Perch Ceviche served with Carnival Saison
  • Course 2: Red Curry Poutine served with Liftoff IPA.
  • Course 3: Glazed Pork Cheeks with Baked Herb Polenta with Char Imperial Smoked Dark Mild
  • Course 4: Fried Waffle Batter with Citrus Fruit Preserves and Mr. 300 American Barleywine

Indy Beer News was also there doing a live podcast right from Black Market. It’s a great interview with Daredevil Brewing’s Bill Ballenger, Mike, and Shane Pearson. Limited glassware was also provided for each of these events including Daredevil pint and tulip glasses. Here’s a link to the Indy Beer News podcast.

Indy Beer News

Daredevil Tap Takeover at Tomlinson Tap

Daredevil Tomlinson Tap TakeoverIf you are on the lookout for Rare Devils, Tomlinson Tap is the place to be. Daredevil Brewing’s Anniversary Tap Takeover Bonanza kicks off at Tomlinson Tap tonight at 6pm. Muse Belgian Golden Ale with Blackberries is ready to be served (for those of you that missed it at the Twenty Tap event it was verified on their Twitter feed that all 7 beers will be there), as well as some other noteworthy devils include their Mr. 300 American Barleywine (with a ridiculous 300 IBUs :)), Slip Stream Pale Ale, and J.W.P American Stout.



Daredevil Brewing 1 Year Anniversary Tap Takeover Event at Twenty Tap

Blackberry MuseDaredevil Brewing will be celebrating their first Anniversary with 6 Tap Takeover events this January! Not only will we see the triumphant return of Muse Belgian Golden Ale, but there will also be some rare small batch brews (like the Blackberry Muse keg above). Wednesday January 8th kicks off their first event at Twenty Tap in Broad Ripple.
Daredevil Anniversary Tap Takeovers

These events are bound to be a good time. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to make it to each one, so please feel free to drop a comment on what goodies you may have gotten your hands onto at the Jeffersonville and Bloomington events. Cheers!

Daredevil Brewing Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary With 6 Tap Takeover Events

Daredevil Anniversary Tap Takeovers


Daredevil Brewing will be celebrating their first Anniversary with 6 Tap Takeover events this January! Not only will we see the triumphant return of Muse Belgian Golden Ale, but there will also be some rare small batch brews available as well. It’s been exciting watching Daredevil grow their brand over the past 12 months, and we at BIMP would like to congratulate them on a successful year of awesome beer. Keep them coming! Also, if you haven’t had the opportunity to try their limited release JWP American Stout (released December 10, 2013), it is highly recommended. Cheers!

Daredevil Brewing Co. Opening Soon!

Daredevil Brewing Co. will be opening very soon according to their blog/website. This new ¬†central Indiana based brewery will be offering a Belgian Golden Ale and a West Coast Style IPA for their launch in January of 2013. The brewery was created by¬†two award winning craft brewers, Bill Ballinger and Michael Pearson, and a talented craft beer enthusiast, Shane Pearson. Bill Ballinger and Michael Pearson are both homebrewers who have won several awards at the Indiana Brewer’s Cup for their work, including the Brewer of the Year award. They are also founding members of the MECA homebrew club. If you are interested in tasting some of their new brews, I’ve just confirmed that they will be at Winterfest this year. Looking forward to their grand opening!