The Bountiful Breweries of The United States of America

The Bountiful Breweries of the United States of AmericaHere is the a brand spankin’ new Pop Chart Lab beer creation! The Bountiful Breweries of The United States of America is surprisingly current (at least as far as Indianapolis is concerned), and features over 2,500 breweries. This would be an awesome tool for planning your next beer tour! At 60″ X 40″, this behemoth is sure to make your friends jealous. Click here to preorder. We last wrote about Pop Chart Lab’s “The Magnificent Multitude of Beer”, which like the rest of their work is incredibly detailed. Check out our previous post on Pop Chart Lab here.

Bloomington Craft Beer Festival Map

Bloomington Craft Beer Festival MapA map has been released of the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival layout on the BCBF App a couple of days ago. If you tap the picture above on your phone you can zoom in and out. Looks like it’s going to be a fun time. Make sure to drop by the homebrew table located near the Firkins and say hi. We will only be pouring from 4-5pm, so make sure hit us up (You have to give BIMPer’s time to sample delicious brew too :)). We’ve got 7 brews to choose from while they last. Have a safe BCBF!

Winterfest 2012 Map

I’ve been scouring the Brewers of Indiana Guild page for more information on which brewers are participating in Winterfest 2012 with no luck. Thankfully Hoosier Beer Geek got a hold of the layout for this weekend. This year looks pretty solid! There will be some relatively new faces in the crowd with Black Swan, Triton, and Thr3e Wise Men joining the list. Can’t wait to see what Founders, Bier, and Three Floyds bring to the table. Great Fermentations has a booth, and there will also be an area setup for Homebrewer’s Clubs. Looks like a great line-up. BIMPers of the World UNITE!