Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer Smoked Imperial Stout

It’s good to know that if vampires ever become a problem, the brewers at Clown Shoes Brewing have you covered. The Second Anniversary Ale Vampire Slayer Smoked Imperial Stout, is brewed with dark malt, holy water, and malt smoked with hickory, beechwood, and vampire killing stakes (I’m hoping these stakes are made of oak, but the fact that it is brewed with holy water makes me feel safer…). Clown Shoes Brewing’s story is an interesting one. They were founded by Jesse Dooley, Gregg Berman, and former Head Brewer Dan Lipke of Ipswich Ale Brewery. Ultimately Jesse Dooley was a manager at a liquor store owned by Gregg Berman. As Jesse began successfully integrating more and more microbrewed beer into the shop, Gregg took notice. They started mulling the idea of creating their own beers to stock in the store with their distributing license. Once they found Dan a brewery was born. They’ve got some great beers (an overall average of 3.9 on Beer Advocate) and some great marketing. Best of luck to these guys!