ACB Films Presents Winterfest 2014

I’m sure many of you remember the 80+ breweries at this year’s Winterfest. You may remember the pretzel necklaces, the firkins, or the random bursts of cheering. What you may have forgotten was that there were video cameras seeded throughout the venue.Here is the epic video created by ACB Films, which documents all of your uninhibited shenanigans. The funny thing is I remember most of these people when we were pouring. Well documented! You can follow their YouTube channel here.

Hop Trellis Hammock!


This guy has the right idea. I can’t think a better reason to own a home! For those of you hop growers out there I know you are a bit jealous right now 🙂 Either way, Don Osborn seems to have figured out the best way to enjoy a lazy summer afternoon. If you are a homebrewer, Don has a whole slew of helpful Youtube videos available on his Youtube channel. Such a good resource. Thanks again Don!