Bowser Beer For Dogs!

Finally a brew for man’s best friend! Bowser Beer is a safe brew for dogs that contains no hops or alcohol, but is brewed with chicken or beef broth, and barley. The idea came to Seattle based owner and creator Jenny Brown, after she started making pretzel treats for dogs coated in peanut butter and molasses for the state fair. The beers are flat (because apparently the dog focus group preferred no bubbles) and include vitamins like¬†glucosamine for healthy joints. For those dog owners interested in trying the beer themselves, you can choose from Beefy Brown ale and Cock-a-Doodle-Brew, which are described by Brown as “like drinking sweetish broth.” There is also an option to print your own personalized beer label with your purchase. You had me at Cock-a-Doodle-Brew. Hmmm… I wonder if she used Papazian’s legendary Cock Ale from “The Joy of Homebrewing“? Here’s the recipe:

COCK ALE (circa the 1500’s) A real recipe from some obscure text found in the Scottish Highlands… Enjoy….

“Take 10 gallons of ale and a large cock, the older the better; parboil the cock, flay him, and stamp him in a stone mortar until his bones are broken (you must gut him when you flaw him). Then, put the cock into two quarts of sack, and put to it five pounds of raisins of the sun – stoned; some blades of mace, and a few cloves. Put all these into a canvas bag, and a little before you find the ale has been working, put the bag and ale together in vessel.
In a week or nine days bottle it up, fill the bottle just above the neck and give it the same time to ripen as other ale.”

Read more about this story in Minnesota’s Twin Cities Pioneer Press article.

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