Fountain Square Brewing’s 2nd Annual Peep Show!

Fountain Square Brewing Peep ShowFountain Square Brewery will be holding their 2nd Annual Peep Shooting Contest on March 29th @ 7pm. This event was a big hit last year. Entrants into this Peep propulsion extravaganza are judged on Accuracy, Creativity, and “Total¬†Annihilation.” Ultimately each entrant designs a Peep Shooting weapon of their choice (although they cannot use anything flammable or explosive) to fire at a target 35 feet away. Their registry page even has a drop-down field that lists the categories of √ľber-Peep shooting power your weapon uses to mangle the poor Peeps: Mechanical, Magnetic, Pneumatic, and Hydraulic. Creativity is encouraged. You can register for the event here. Looking forward to this event. See you there!

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