Three Floyd’s to Release Oyster Stout!

Three Floyd’s just tweeted that they will be releasing a new Oyster Stout with guest brewers from Half Acre Beer Company. A shame too, as it would have been a great addition to our Stout Bout! Mutiny and the Mollusk is available on tap at Three Floyd’s and will be available in bombers for $9 a pop. Although it sounds completely off the wall, oysters and Stout beer go together like peas and carrots 🙂 They have commonly been served together in New Zealand and the U.K. since the late 1920’s, however true “nourishing” stouts brewed with oysters originated just after WWII.


Mutiny and the Mollusk our collaborative Oyster Stout brewed with@HalfAcreBeer is now available in the pub. $9/bomber On tap soon.

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