Upland UpCup 2012 Results

UpCup was AWESOME! I’m definitely entering again next year. There were 80+ entries in total, 12 of which were selected for best in show. The event was catered with food from the restaurant, there were multiple brewery tours with Caleb, and of course a great selection of Upland brews. Congrats to Andrew from the Foam Blowers of Indiana for a well deserved win.

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    1. My beer was admittedly probably very difficult to judge. It didn’t really fit into a category very well. But we both got good marks and had a lot of fun. UpCup would be fun to attend even if I didn’t enter anything into competition. They bring out all the beers that didn’t place so you can go try and find your beer or surprise (or disgust) yourself with someone elses beer.

      I’m hoping to do better at the State Fair since I actually brewed a style this time but the level of competition is pretty intense I would imagine. To be honest its just nice to get feedback. My only problem with the feedback is that the judge’s handwriting is fucking terrible.

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