Battle of the Belgians Homebrew Competition

Battle of the Belgians has begun! BIMP’s first all homebrew blind tasting will be held at Great Fermentations on July 28th from 12pm-5pm. Here are the details. All beers need to fall within Category 16 – Belgian and French Ale BJCP Guidelines for style. The first 15 people to register their brews using the Homebrew Competition form are guaranteed a seat in the competition. 3 bombers of homebrew are required per entry. 2 bombers go towards the tasting, and one is set aside for “the pot.” Bombers will be need to be labeled (click here for label sheet), refrigerated, and brought to Great Fermentations by July 28th at 11am for checkin. What makes this event unique is that each participant is also a judge! All beers will be served randomly, and rated on a scale of 1-10. The entry with the highest average score receives a $25 gift card to Great Fermenations, a special blog post on BIMP, and takes home one of every homebrew entered. Once the tasting is over, I’ll post the list of beers in order of when they were served, each individual beer’s score, graphs, and more! Looking forward to seeing you all there. Good luck!

Ommegang Belgian Pale Ale – Erik Howell (sample)
Mikey’s Summer Saison – Michael Mustin
Saison (To Be Named) – Steve Kent
Il Faited Belgian Pale Ale – Erik Howell
Double Aught Belgian Strong Golden Ale – Mike Trueblood

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