BIMP Brewery Tour Embarks Tomorrow!

1st Annual BIMP Brewery Tour

UPDATE ON THE BIMP BREWERY TOUR: I’ll be picking up the van tomorrow around 10am. I’d like to leave from my apartment complex (plenty of parking and you won’t get towed) AT 12PM. I currently have two midsized community coolers for people interested in purchasing beer along the way. If you have a small personal cooler that is welcome, we do ask if you are bringing a large cooler to please allow others to stow their brews as well. Keep in mind if you are planning on buying cases or bombers you may not have to refrigerate them. I would suggest that you pack light so we have more space in the van, but we should have plenty of room. Right now we are at 8 people who have reserved a seat. I’ll bring my FM Transmitter so we can play music off of ipods/phones/etc. Also, tickets are still available for Keller Williams at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe for $20-$25. The venue is super intimate (250 people capacity), and I’m sure will be a great time. Please call me, or shoot me an email at [email protected] if you have any last minute questions about the trip. I’ve sent out an email to everyone who has already reserved a seat with my address. Please be on time as we have a lot of breweries to hit over the next couple of days. Looking forward to an awesome adventure. Cheers!

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