NoAdhesive Homebrew Labels

No-Adhesive-Beer-LabelI just stumbled across this product late last week. has a great solution for homebrewers who would like to create their own beer labels. Its a super simple solution. You create your own label using whatever means you like (, MSPaint, Instagram,  or finger paint :)), then you print off the label, then you take your custom label and slip it under a NoAdhesive Label sleeve and dip it into boiling water to shrink wrap it to your bottle! The result is a professional looking beer label that will survive the scurge of any cooler you store your precious brews in.



Cleanup is great too. You don’t have to worry about wax or glue scumming up your bottles when you want to re-use them. Just cut off the old label and add a new one. Simple idea, but very useful for those that want to add a personal touch to their beer. No-Adhesive has a list of retailers you can purchase these sleeves through, but they will also send you a free sample if you are interested.

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