Stout Bout 2012!

Welcome to Stout Bout! Hello fellow BIMPers. I’ve just confirmed that next month’s tasting will be held at Nate and Krista Boles’ on March 24th @7pm. There is one catch… Only the first 15 people to “Request a Brew” on the website will be allowed participate in this tasting. This does not mean you are not invited, it only means that a maximum of 15 people will be able to enter their beer for the tasting. That said, this month’s tasting will be much easier to choose a beer! All stouts are game. Oatmeal Stouts, Russian Imperial Stouts, Milk Stouts, Java Stouts, or just your classic Dry Stout. My apologies in advance, as Guinness Original Stout will be used as the sample beer. Stout ales are known for their roasty/chocolate malt flavor, medium to heavy body, and wonderful black color. There are some great suggestions for Stout ales on and The floodgates are open. I’ll be accepting requests from this point forward. First 15 to request their brew guarantee a spot in the tasting.  And remember, I like my Stouts like I like my coffee… Black!

Here’s the current list of registered beer:

Guinness Original Stout – Erik Howell (sample)
Rainbow In The Dark American Stout (homebrew) – Erik Howell
North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout – Krista Boles
Great Divide Yeti Russian Imperial Stout – Nate Boles
Hoppin’ Frog B.O.R.I.S The Crusher Oatmeal Imperial Stout – Brian Paul
Stone Imperial Stout – Dawn Marie Paul
Dark Horse Blueberry Stout – Dustin Edwards
Left Hand Brewing Co. Milk Stout – Lindsy Storm
Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout – Dax Storm
Big Buck Oatmeal Stout (homebrew) – Zac Jackson
Bell’s Double Cream Stout – Dan Sandman
Breckenridge Oatmeal Stout – Erica Garcia

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  1. Pretty high-class list we have going. I am excited to see a couple homebrews in there. Hopefully mine turns out as planned, there were a few mishaps along the way.

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