War of the Wheats Update

There’s still 7 spots left in our next tasting on May 26th. If you are new to BIMP, all you need to do is Request a Brew. You can either pick from our list of suggested brews, or grab some inspiration from BeerAdvocate.com or Ratebeer.com’s Style Guide pages. Remember that each entry requires a 6 pack of the beer of your submitted choice. I’ll send you a confirmation if you get in with the address. Hope to see you soon!

Bell’s Oberon (Sample) – Erik Howell
O’Fallon’s Wheach Peach Wheat – Malina Sandman
Upland Wheat – Amanda Jackson
F@ck Your Face Mango Wheat – Dustin Edwards
Super Cuke Bavarian Cucumber Wheat – Erik Howell
Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat – Matt Kennedy
Triton Fieldhouse Wheat – Lance Sanchez
Evil Charlie’s Dog Drool – Kyle Alder
Barley Island Flat Top Wheat – Stef Korros
North Coast Brewing Blue Star Wheat – Michael Mustin
Oaken Barrel Razz-Wheat – Isaac Wagner
Blue Moon Spring Blonde Wheat – Zac Jackson
Boulevard Brewing’s Unfiltered wheat – Brian
Sun King Firefly Wheat – Gary Dozier

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